Sunday, May 4, 2008



Producing and Evaluating Critical Writing: Part 2.

Generally, this unit is almost the same as Unit 7. The only differences between both units is while in Unit 7, we need to write our commentary in essay, in Unit 8 we only make our evaluation through the critical guidelines which is in a table form. I believed that it is easier to write the commentary part in this way.

In Unit 8, there is only one article which is ‘Drugs or guns’ needs to be constructed by the last group presenters. The presenters are Ili Izlin, Mardiana and Tun Amirah. They claimed that they did not understand what is the article all about as there are several words in the article which they were hardly find the meaning. They also agreed that this unit and Unit 7 are basically the same.

Additionally, I also agree with them that the article is difficult to understand. When our lecturer, Sir Humamuddin explained it to the whole class only I can get the view of the article.

To sum up, as we already reach the last unit, I believed that I can practice the skills that I have learned in this subject in the future. I strongly agreed that this subject should be called as ‘CRITICAL LITERACY’ as it suits with the contents. Last but not least, I would like to thank to my lecturer, Sir Humamuddin bin Abu Samah for teaching us this subject and create a very enjoyable class ever. To my classmates, thank you for your cooperation and sorry for all the inconvenience. Hopefully all of us will get flying colors for the final exam. Sayonara.. Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

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